Episode 277: Barbary Rose and Rion Rhodes

"Big Switch Energy abounds as Barbary Rose and Rion Rhodes take turns with the strap-on. But first, Barbary face-fucks Rion before tying her down and finger-fucking her. Then Barbary makes Rion moan through a ball-gag as she drips pink wax all over her body. But rest assured Rion doesn't hold back when it's her turn behind the cock." - Keymaster”


I’ve been lusting over Rion for quite a while and I was lucky enough to play with this buff femme and use some of my favorite things: rope, candle wax, and strap ons!


A night out, an old friend, and a special treat coalesce in this poetic short film by Shine Louise Houston.

Starring Nenna Feelmore and Barbary Rose, with appearances by Sal Marquez, Jack HammerXL, Jasper Stone, and Ruckus.

A Short film by Shine Louise Houston

I love Shine and shooting a film with her that wasn't just a sex scene for a porn site was such a fun and new experience. This film will hopefully be in some film festivals soon!

Barbary Rose vs Simone Garza: Major Ass Smother for the Loser

"Barbary Rose and Simone Garza both have Major asses. Whoever wins today is going to face sit and ass smother the shit out of her opponent. The action is even throughout the entire match. These two powerhouses collide on the mats, slamming each other, sweeping each other, pinning, finger, tit smothering each other. One girl is turned on by the fight. She gets wet and slippery and it's hard for her opponent to keep her hands on her. The Match goes 3 rounds of fully competitive wrestling. The winner is announced and she takes her prize and all her holes. She starts with the mouth then works her way on to the pussy with deep, hard, fast, strapon fucking. Then she rolls her opponent over to fuck her ass hole. The loser begs to be allowed to cum but the winner doesn't do what the loser wants. The winner gets what SHE wants and SHE wants to cum. The winner puts her loser into a leg scissor head squeeze and chokes her until she cums.

I thought Simone would kick my ass, I mean look at her muscles, but what can I say, my juicy ass really came in handy. 

Ultimate Sex Fight Championship: Barbary Rose vs Natalie Mars

"Welcome to the Ultimate Sex Fight Championship where the hot, curvy, and all natural redhead Barbary Rose is taking on the beautiful and slender Natalie Mars. What we have here today is a bonafide sex fight, where kissing, penetration, pins, blow-jobs, pussy licking, and face-sitting all earn you points towards winning the Ultimate Sex Fight Championships. Giving the other lady an orgasm on the mats would grant an 'Instant Victory' to one of these gorgeous ladies. Today the duration of this round will be twelve minutes of action packed girl on girl sex wrestling. Watch as these girls go back and forth between having control of the other, rolling around naked pressing on top of each other, sitting on each others faces. Just when one looks as though she's going to win easily she's distracted with an ass in her face and cums hard on the mats giving her opponent a TKO, a 'Tongue Kissing Orgasm!' declaring her as the Ultimate Sex Fight Champion. The winner ties the loser up with rope and gives her a deep and sloppy throat-fucking. After that, the loser gets dragged into the locker room while she's still in rope bondage and the winner spanks her ass till it turns pink and then the loser gets fucked deep and hard doggy-style, cumming on the winners cock over and over again. The loser is then rammed into the shower for more hard pounding fucking, more face sitting, more face spitting, throat-fucking, foot sucking, and gets a nice hot load of cum right down her loser throat. Loser gets choked, throat-fucked, hair-pulled, face-sat, and turned into a cum dumpster, all for losing The Ultimate Sex Fight Championship. This is "winner fucks the loser" rules and may the best woman win!

Natalie Mars is so hot and I had so much fun working with her, just look at the last photo where I'm smiling like a goon. So our wrestling may not have been super great, but we had lots of fun.

Crashpad Series Episode 251: Barbary Rose and Bella Rossi

"Barbary Rose and Bella Rossi are quite the playful pair of fun femmes. After making Barbary come with a Magic Wand, Bella fucks her hard with a strap-on. When it's Bella's turn to take it, she accepts a crystal plug in her ass and achieves a shudder-inducing orgasm."

I love Bella and always have fun working with her. This was the first time we got to just fuck unscripted and we had a little switchy fun, though I loved being more of a bottom and getting strap on fucked by her!

Pain Slut in Extreme Bondage Suffers from Brutal Torment

"Barbary makes her debut on Hogtied, even though she is not new to BDSM at all. She is a pro sub who lives the lifestyle and knows that her limits are higher than most. The Pope also knows this and is going to push her further than she has ever been pushed on camera. There is no warm up, nor is there any mercy for her as he begins to torment her. At first she smile when the pain comes, but then she realizes that it's not going to end any time soon. It will continue for as long as The Pope wants it to, and there is nothing she can do except suffer until he is finished. Every possible inch of her milky white skin is turned to a bright red from flogging, caning, spanking, punching, etc. Once her he has had his fill of her suffering The Pope begins fucking her holes and making her cum against her will. Every thing that happens to her is by design, from the slightest bit of uncomfortableness to the last drop of cum pulled out of her pussy.


I can't believe this was my first Hogtied shoot! I love rope bondage and impact play so I've been dying to get in JP's hands for this scene. I had such an amazing time and even had my first pain-gasm :)

Tickle Takedown Amarna Miller vs. Barbary Rose


Big bully Barbary Rose can’t wait to dig her sharp fingers nails into Amarna Miller’s soft creamy skin.

Barbary pounces and easily holds down helpless Amarna as she begs for mercy, “por favor!” Of Course Amarna is no match for Barbary’s strong thick thighs and ass. Barbary takes full advantage as she begins to peal off her yoga pants and explore every inch of Amarna’s flesh.

Where is Amarna most ticklish? Is it her fuzzy cute armpits, tiny feet, contours of her ribs or smooth belly flesh?  Will Amarna be able to turn the tables on Barbary and get pay back in the next round?


Even though Amarna enjoys being tickled, she thought she could hide her feet under socks…

Barbary zeros in on her tiny tootsies and peels off those socks, exposing Amarna’s sensitive arches and toes. Amarna squeals and squeals because not one piggy is safe from Barbary’s probing finger tips. Barbary is not yet satisfied and yanks off Amarna’s sweaty yoga tights getting down to her thighs. Amarna loves to laugh and it shows but she over indulges and soon finds herself breathless and coughing for more air. She starts to fight back after discovering Barbary’s weakness… putting her toes in Barbary’s ticklish armpits!


Amarna is the sweetest little lamb and Barbary takes shear joy toying with her, but that doesn’t mean she’s a complete push over!

Amarna tries to fight back again with wedging her teeny toes into Barbary’s sweaty pits followed up with a scissor hold across Barbary’s belly but Barbary is far to strong. She has no trouble pinning Amarna on her back and peeling off her sports bra. Amarna begs, gasps and even tries to compliment her way out of Barbary’s clutches only to be teased and taunted with false promises and tender kisses. She tongues and bites into Amarna’s feet, digs nails into the peach fuzz of Amarna’s armpits and even tries to tickle her nipples. The armpits prove to be the most sensitive area and Amarna coughs and gasps for oxygen.

For her valiant efforts, Barbary shows Amarna her nipples and rewards her with sweet kisses.


Note: Tickle Takedown is a new fetish tickle wrestling project by Pink and White Productions director Shine Louise Houston. No sex is involved.

I love Amarna, she's such a sweetheart and really fun to work with and tickle. Plus who doesn't love her Spanish as I torture her? Hopefully we get to have sex together too in the future! 

Big Ten Brings on Big Pain for Hot Red Head Bondage Slut

"Beautiful, muscular, asian Mia Li is turning in to a mean bitch on the wrestling mat. Barbary Rose thinks she has what it take to make Mia Li cum on the mats. This is 100% real competitive erotic wrestling at it's finest. These two orgasmic wrestlers fight for the ultimate form of control. It's woman and Woman power play. Both women have powerful muscles and dangerous moves. We threw Mia one of our most orgasmic wrestlers and Mia went to town with relentless fingering. The fingering gets so brutal that at one point Mia gets her fist into the hot slutty red head, Barbary Rose, while they wrestle!. The winner Ties up the loser in bondage, fucks her pussy and gives her hard anal! Loser is made to cum over and over again against her will using fingers, strap ons and hitachis. Winner Face sits the loser and gets her own orgasms ---HER WAY!"

I fucking love Mia, but unfortunately my wrestling skills haven't improved. I would've loved to fuck her perfect body in round 4, maybe next time! I was so turned on by our scene though that Mia was able to fist my pussy and then fuck my ass, so you know the chemistry was really good.

How Much Will You Take? Electroslut Barbary Rose Serves Mistress Kara

"Hot redhead Barbary Rose is Mistress Kara's electro-plaything! Barbary worships her Mistress' electrified body and laughs as she gets shocked all over by her Mistress. Next, Barbary shocks herself with the zapper and begs for orgasms while getting finger-banged. Barbary then finds herself in an electro-predicament with e-stim sticky pads all over her thighs. Both her ass and her pussy are filled with electricity and she struggles to maintain position while getting spanked, flogged, and fucked. Mistress Kara rewards her pet with an electrified butt plug, face-sitting, pussy licking, the taser, and more orgasms!

Mistress Kara is a total Domme powerhouse so I had a blast shooting with her and worshipping her curvy delicious body!

Holiday BDSM Slut Orgy Turns Fangirl to Sex Slave

"Meanwhile, hot lady guests ride the fucking machines and their Master's dicks. Dominant women spank their subs asses red while some truly inspiring shibari rope suspensions lit the room up. We are gifted with guests of honor Jack Hammer and Barbary Rose who are a real life D/s couple. Jack stuffs Barbary's throat with cock, ties her wide open and punishes her pussy with electrical shocks, slaps, and teases her with orgasm and sex until she is begging for Daddy's dick." 

My Daddy Jack Hammer XL and I were asked to do a short scene on The Upper Floor for their holiday party. This is the first time we've fucked on camera. Watch my Daddy fuck me up and fuck my pussy and throat real good. 

Though we are only a small portion of this shoot, the other models and play are pretty hot, totally worth watching!

2017 Rookie Cup Championship The Most Orgasmic Championship Yet

"We've switched things up for tournaments this year. The rookies will not be going up against each other, rather we've chosen the most orgasmic rookies for the season to put up against our Feather Weight champions to see how many orgasms our champ can rip out of these horny sluts. Mona Wales goes round after round without a break to take on all these cumdrunk sluts. Then The 3 cummers get a chance to tag team against Mona Wales and make her cum. Losers are fucked and humiliated by Mona Wales and Each other. Losers take anal Strap on fucking, face sitting and humiliation."

This was one of my most favorite Ultimate Surrender shoots because I got to see other Rookies get their asses kicked (and fucked) too! Also, how freaking cute is Jenna Foxx, I just want to hold her by her boobs forever!

Step-Sisters Gape for Inheritance

"Barbary Rose and Lauren Philips are redhead step-sisters who must satisfy their devious and perverted step-mother Mona Wales in order to claim their inheritance. Mona spanks these two naughty brats and makes them share a butt plug and lick each other's gaping assholes. Barbary gets anally fisted and fucked while Lauren rides her face to orgasm. Lauren gets anally fucked and made to gape while Barbary watches and licks her asshole. Finally, Mona anally strap-on fucks both her gaping step-daughters to multiple orgasms while they pleasure each other using strap on cocks that have been molded from their fathers' cocks."

Once again I loved working with Mona, and Lauren was equally amazing. I am hoping to take more anal fisting in the future and get it ALL in :)

Stubborn, Red headed Slut is Bound for Orgasms

"Barbary Rose was so busy using her hands to hide her pussy from Ariel during the wrestling that Ariel decides to tie Barbary's slutty hands to her pussy with a vibrator stuck on her clit. Barbary is made to cum over and over again. Barbary is hand Gagged, Strap on fucked, Choked, Tied up and made to cum

I didn't really stand a chance wrestling Ariel X, but I tried my best to keep her fingers out of my pussy so she wouldn't score a million points. In the end Ariel kicked my ass and forced some orgasms out of me. I was so scared to wrestle her, but had such a fun shoot; I'd probably even do it again. 

Barbary's 6 Favorite Sex Toys

Do you ever wonder what sex toys porn stars love?

Here are my top 6 favorite sex toys:


Hitachi Magic WandThis is obviously #1. Have you seen my hitachi tattoo? It says "true love" for a reason. This is the best vibrator ever in my opinion. I do enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, but if you don't this may not be the toy for you. At the moment I only own the older version that plugs in to an outlet and has two speeds- high and really high. The older version does require a condom or silicone cover on the head since it is a porous material that is hard to thoroughly clean. 
The newer cordless version has multiple speed settings, pulsing modes, and a non-porous silicone head, so no condom or cover required (though I'd still recommend it if you want to easily share) and no need for an outlet.
This traditionally is a clitoral vibe, unless you love fisting and sticking huge vibrating bulbs in your holes. There are internal g-spot attachments sold separately that are also really awesome if you want some intense g-spot vibrations. 
Though this toy is pretty large it is so worth using! Use this solo or while getting fucked and prepare yourself for intense orgasms!

Click photo to enlarge

Njoy Pure WandThis is one of my favorite toys for so many reasons! It's so versatile and unique. It's a heavy metal dildo with a perfect curve for g-spot or prostate play. One side is larger so you can start small then go to town with the big end. I don't squirt often, but the curve on this toy is perfect for doing just that. With the right vigor and angle I can soak myself while using this toy. Since it's metal it's great for sensation play because it can be warmed up by running it under hot water or cooled down by putting it in the freezer. It does warm up once you've had it in your body for a while, so if you don't want it so cold and you're lazy just put it in your mouth for a bit.

Use this in your pussy or ass and you won't be disappointed. Make sure to put down a towel cause you might squirt bucket loads!

Click photo to enlarge

Njoy Pure PlugAlas, another Njoy toy because they really are the best! This butt plug comes in 4 different sizes; small, medium, large, and 2.0. I personally own the large and love the 2.0 but I'm a butt slut, so don't feel the need to go big. Regardless of size, these plugs are metal so they are compatible with all types of lube and slide in so easily. They also have a little bit of weight to them which I enjoy. I like wearing a butt plug I can actually feel inside me. It has a handle on it which makes for easy insertion and removal, especially when your hands are lubed up. I love using my Pure Plug with my kitty tail snapped around the handle too. Instead of buying a butt plug with an animal tail attached (like this or this) I wanted to craft my own in order be able to use the plug as is or with my tail. There is a slight curve on these plugs so they're good for prostate stimulation, but also comfortable for folks who don't have a prostate too.
Hands down most comfortable butt plug out there!

Click photo to enlarge

Je Jou Mimi Soft: I know I'm a hardcore hitachi fanatic, but the Mimi Soft is also one of my favorite clitoral vibrators. It's compact, silicone, waterproof, and pretty dang strong! It has multiple speeds and pulsing modes. This is actually my go-to vibrator for masturbating at home. You can use it in the bathtub, talk about ultimate self-care! It also is smaller so less intrusive if you're using it with a partner, but it doesn't have a long handle to hold on to like the hitachi. Unlike the regular Mimi vibrator, this one has a squishy tip which feels better on my clit.  It also has one higher speed than the original Mimi. It's rechargeable, so very eco-friendly. 
I can't think of anything negative to say about this vibrator. It's an all around solid toy.

Click photo to enlarge

Stockroom Inflatable Butt PlugHave I mentioned that I'm a butt slut yet? Well, if you want to up your anal game this butt plug is perfect for doing just that. It's a silicone classic taper style plug that has a hand pump to inflate it bigger. You can put it in, then pump some air into it gradually. It's a fun sensation while your ass gets fuller and more stretched out. Since the plug is made of silicone you may want to use a thick water based lube or coconut oil with it. Or put a condom over it to use silicone lube. 
If you want to prep for anal sex this butt plug is an interactive pre-game for your anal adventures!

Click photo to enlarge

Vixskin DildosThe Vixskin line is so amazing, it's really just a matter of what size, style and color you like. The dildos are made of dual-core silicone so it's firm inside with a softer silicone outside, which gives it a realistic feel. Even if you're not into fleshy penises I recommend you give these a try. They feel more comfortable than the really firm silicone dildos that don't have any bend or softness. You can get them in realistic skin tones, with or without balls attached. Or you can get bright colors and fun patterns that don't look like fleshy human dicks. These dildos are awesome for sucking on and for vaginal or anal sex. Wear them in a strap-on harness or use 'em manually. Some even have suction cups on the bottom! My two personal favorites are the Bandit and the Raquel, the first being realistic looking and the second not realistic but super pink and femme-tastic!
Bottom line: These dildos are high quality and come in versatile colors and sizes. 

Click photo to enlarge

Click photo to enlarge

Divorcee Arouses Herself and Attorney Talking About Cheating Husband

"Jessica Fox has had enough of her lying cheating husband. She wants a divorce. When the attorney asks for details, Jessica goes into explicits. Both girls get totally aroused by the stories. The attorney decides to go pro Boner with her hot client. Hot red head attorney sucks the Ts cock, gets fucked in the pussy and ass."

I loved the chemistry with Jessica Fox for this shoot. She's got such a beautiful body and her cock felt great in my ass!

Jasper Takes Charge

"Barbary and Jasper finally had a chance to hook up after they met last year at a warehouse-district sex party. No sooner than Jasper lets her in the door, and they're undressed and ready to fuck. Barbary climbs right onto Jasper's pole, gliding her beautiful wet pussy along his slick shaft. Jasper's not here to make love tonight. 

He quickly pulls Barbary off his dick, bends her over, and deep-drives her hard. He's definitely in charge. Barbary has no complaints. She meets his every thrust, loving the agony and ecstasy, before she needs to control the pace and switches to riding his fat hog on the couch. This position gives Jasper unfettered access to her engorged clit.

Jasper diddles her twat while she rides his cock and cums ferociously several times all over his lap. Jasper loves a fresh post-orgasm pussy, so he dives in to clean up her juices before sliding his cock back in to make her cum again. The sweaty fun ends with a hot twist as Jasper unloads onto Barbary's face then eagerly cum-laps it all up!"

This was my very first B/G shoot and let me tell you, Jasper's cock is no joke. Maybe I'll get my B/B/G shoot next time!