Holiday BDSM Slut Orgy Turns Fangirl to Sex Slave

"Meanwhile, hot lady guests ride the fucking machines and their Master's dicks. Dominant women spank their subs asses red while some truly inspiring shibari rope suspensions lit the room up. We are gifted with guests of honor Jack Hammer and Barbary Rose who are a real life D/s couple. Jack stuffs Barbary's throat with cock, ties her wide open and punishes her pussy with electrical shocks, slaps, and teases her with orgasm and sex until she is begging for Daddy's dick." 

My Daddy Jack Hammer XL and I were asked to do a short scene on The Upper Floor for their holiday party. This is the first time we've fucked on camera. Watch my Daddy fuck me up and fuck my pussy and throat real good. 

Though we are only a small portion of this shoot, the other models and play are pretty hot, totally worth watching!

Jasper Takes Charge

"Barbary and Jasper finally had a chance to hook up after they met last year at a warehouse-district sex party. No sooner than Jasper lets her in the door, and they're undressed and ready to fuck. Barbary climbs right onto Jasper's pole, gliding her beautiful wet pussy along his slick shaft. Jasper's not here to make love tonight. 

He quickly pulls Barbary off his dick, bends her over, and deep-drives her hard. He's definitely in charge. Barbary has no complaints. She meets his every thrust, loving the agony and ecstasy, before she needs to control the pace and switches to riding his fat hog on the couch. This position gives Jasper unfettered access to her engorged clit.

Jasper diddles her twat while she rides his cock and cums ferociously several times all over his lap. Jasper loves a fresh post-orgasm pussy, so he dives in to clean up her juices before sliding his cock back in to make her cum again. The sweaty fun ends with a hot twist as Jasper unloads onto Barbary's face then eagerly cum-laps it all up!"

This was my very first B/G shoot and let me tell you, Jasper's cock is no joke. Maybe I'll get my B/B/G shoot next time!